Joanne Crovini Nutritional Therapist


If you want to achieve optimum health for pregnancy or are struggling to conceive I can put together a personalised plan.  At this stage both parents need to consider their diet and lifestyle. 

Nutrition can also help if you have a specific condition that makes conception more difficult, such as PCOS or Endometriosis.  


From help with morning sickness in the first trimester to suggestions of what to eat in the third trimester for the extra calories that you need.  I can also advise on how to avoid excess weight gain, whilst still getting all the essential nutrients for your growing baby.

Post Natal

Initially you may be concerned about successful breast-feeding and perhaps later naturally losing your baby weight.  But post natal nutrition supports much more than that and can support mental health and energy levels.  Most of the focus will be on baby but you need to look after yourself first - the better you feel the more able you'll be able to cope with the demands of a new baby.

Group Sessions

I also offer group sessions for more general advice. These are one hour sessions offered as a one off pre-conception and post natally and as a package of three for each trimester during pregnancy.

**Minimum of five people.

Consultations are offered at The Ashtree Medical Clinic via Innermost Healthcare.


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