Joanne Crovini Nutritional Therapist

30 Day Programme

I work with clients for an initial time of 30 days and include one longer appointment followed by four shorter appointments with a week between each. The initial meeting will be face to face or via Skype and includes taking a detailed health history so that I can provide a personalised diet, lifetyle and supplement plan. The weekly appointments enable me to provide ongoing advice and support as well as to tweak and add to the programme as we go along, meaning better results for you.


Eight-Week Weight Loss Proramme

The programme is personalised, as there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to weight loss, and involves an initial face to face or Skype meeting of around 75 minutes, followed by weekly calls for accountability and to monitor progress. You'll have email support as needed through the eight weeks. Your tailored plan covering diet, lifestyle and supplements will be broken down into manageable chunks that we will review and adjust or add to eat week. They'll also be plenty of recipes and support with planning menus.


CoLP One Off Payment 

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