Joanne Crovini Nutritional Therapist

The Nutritional Consultation

Before meeting you I will ask you to fill in questionnaires that let me know your current symptoms and what you are eating at the moment.  I will assess these and carry out any necessary research before meeting you.  During the consultation I'll clarify the details and create a timeline before giving you suggestions for foods to increase and decrease, menu ideas and supplement suggestions as well as lifestyle recommendations.

Most Nutritional Therapists suggest a follow up appointment at four weeks but making changes to our diet and lifestyle can be hard, and I have found four weeks can be too long.  I prefer to offer additional support with a scheduled phone catch up and food diary analysis after 10 days.  The four week follow up is an opportunity to monitor progress and make changes or move on to the next stage.  

Lasting change can take time and I recommend an initial three month commitment with ongoing coaching and support for the best success.


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