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Suspect Food Allergies?

Symptoms of food allergy and intolerance range from bloating and wind to skin conditions and fatigue and I get many clients coming to see me with a combination of these symptoms.  Often people don't remember when they last felt at their best and are looking for an answer.

Is It A Food Intolerance?

Allergies are food intolerances are becoming more common, but if you've started to react to a food that you previously tolerated there is usually something else going on.  High carbohydrate diets, stress, antibiotics and painkillers all have a negative impact on our gut and can lead to irritation, which in turn can cause many of the symptoms people suffer.  Whilst removing certain foods can have an immediate benefit if we don;t correct the imbalance symptoms may reoccur.

How Does It Work?

After assessing your questionnaires and food diary I will give you advice on diet and lifestyle as well as supplements.  For some people testing for food intolerance isn't necessary as symptoms will resolve, and for others there are more appropriate tests available.  I find that a simple foods intolerance can be the reason for digestive symptoms, but there is often more to it and I support clients with all aspects. 

Success Story

Peter presented with chronic diarrhoea and bloating as well as weight gain.  He was tired and lethargic and couldn't see any pattern to his symptoms.  After removal of suspected trigger foods and other dietary changes to reduce bloating and increase energy I recommended Peter seek testing via his GP.  As a result lactose intolerance was diagnosed and I was able to support him with the removal of lactose as well as advice to repair his gut and reduce inflammation.  

Peter went on to lose six kilos and have a complete resolution of digestive symptoms as well as increased energy.

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