Joanne Crovini Nutritional Therapist

Nutrition for Fitness

I offer one to one sessions focused on fitness nutrition with a view to supporting clients with personal training goals and preparation for events.  I also offer a two part Nutrition for Fitness Workshop, starting with the fundamentals of fitness nutrition and moving on to specifics for weight loss, endurance and recovery.  I am also resident nutritionist at Trimmer You Boot Camp in Powys and Spain running sessions that give practical advice for the participants to take home with them and make lasting changes to their diet.

Press ups on the beach - so much better than a gym!

Workshop Part One - Get The Basics Right

Before considering supplements and protein shakes we need to get the basics right with a diet providing adequate macro and micronutrients.

  • Symptoms of insufficient nutrition
  • When and how to eat carbs, protein and fats and what type
  • Optimising energy levels
  • The importance of micronutrients 

Workshop Part Two - Building on the Basics

Build on the basics to maximise performance, build muscle and hit fitness goals as well as aid weight and fat loss if needed.

  • Using supplements, protein powders and sport's drinks
  • Nutrition for endurance and optimising recovery
  • Enhancing muscle building with diet
  • Nutrition for sustainable weight loss


  • Cost:  £40.00 per session or £75 if both booked
  • Date:  TBC
  • Where:  The Victoria Park Clinic, Cardiff 

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