Joanne Crovini Nutritional Therapist

Corporate Wellbeing

  • Stress related absence costs the UK an estimated 10% of it's GNP
  • Engaged employees take an average of 3.8 less sick days a year 

It makes sense to look after staff wellbeing

More businesses are developing interventions to promote the emotional resilience of their employees in order to enhance productivity, rather than waiting until stress related issues have occurred.  Emotional resilience enables individuals to cope with change and succeed during times of stress and physical wellbeing is an important part of this.

  Your employees can feel like this!

What I offer

From workshops on various topics to assisting businesses in identifying their health and wellbeing needs and developing ongoing wellbeing programmes.  

My background is in providing lifestyle management services to high net worth individuals and corporate clients. My current role as a Nutritional Therapist means I see the effects of workplace stress on a regular basis and have unique insight into the benefits of emotional resilience.

Corporate & Speaking Experience

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